a community witch practice of Grey Amethyst Ellis.

I am a white, non-binary & queer, disabled artist and witch. I currently live on occupied Duwamish & Coast Salish land, now so called ‘Seattle’. My ancestors are primarily Scandinavian & from the United Kingdom.

Testimonials from My Clients

What My Clients Have to Say
On Natal Chart Reading:

This was Hands down the absolute best reading Ive ever had- I resonate really deeply with it and feel so excited and inspired. I'm so greatful for this. This really was phenomenal and thoughtful and I'm really appreciative of this

On Curse Unraveling:

Grey has a way with language that is deeply care-full and deliberate - I felt held and witnessed by them in a way I didn't think was possible over the phone. the nuggets of knowing i mined from my ritual with them have been present for me ever since, reflected interanlly and externaly in countless contexts. They iluminated for me exactly what i needed to see, when i needed to see it, and I am grateful for the prexision of their psychic spotlight.

Sea Petit
On Natal Chart Reading:

My reading with Grey was very special. There was an undercurrent of intenton and specificity in our time together that I deeply felt. Grey took the initiative to recognize and unpack moments of meaning in my chart that I had not accessed before. I appreciated their curiousity and sence of giving!

Leena Joshi